2019-2020 Season

Workshop Instructors

Don Shanks

Workshop: Stunts

Learn how to take falls, choreograph fights…and hear amazing first-hand stories from Mr. Shanks’ experiences on the sets of HALLOWEEN V, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER, GRIZZLY ADAMS, SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, PARANORMAL PRISON and many more!

Crit Killen

Workshop: Screenwriting

Crit Killen is a sought-after studio script doctor, and has created an amazing “DNA” path for screenwriters to follow in order to create a well structured script. Crit also created the BEETLEJUICE costume, weapons for the original BLADERUNNER and worked on many other incredibly popular films like STAR TREK 6, PUMPKINHEAD, ALIEN, and BATMAN RETURNS.

Jeff Johnson

Workshop: Auditioning

Jeff Johnson is the darling of DISNEY, having cast well over 30 projects for the renowned studio. He is currently casting for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (TV show), ANDI MACK and Kevin Costner’s YELLOWSTONE. His resume also includes hundreds of other projects in film, commercial and TV. Learn from a real professional! 

Theo Angell

Workshop: Cinematography

If you’ve watched a movie on Lifetime or Hallmark that has the word “Christmas” in it, Theo Angell probably shot it! Theo is a long-time cinematographer who works back-to-back on a variety of films and TV shows. His success and career sustainability is due mostly to his talent and his great understanding of the camera, but much of it is also due to his ability to get amazing footage while doing it quickly and with no ego. Learn not just camera but networking and staying kind and humble in your work.

Graham Russell

Workshop: Songwriting

Some of the world’s most well known songs were written by Graham Russell, the creator, lead singer and songwriter for AIR SUPPLY. You may certainly think that you can’t name three Air Supply songs, but we guarantee that if their songs came on the radio, you would be singing along. Remember “I’m All Out of Love” in DEADPOOL 2, “Making Love out of Nothing at All” in MR. AND MRS. SMITH, “I Can Wait Forever” from GHOSTBUSTERS? Yup, Air Supply. This band still plays to tens of thousands of people all over the world. This is an EXCEPTIONAL and ONE TIME opportunity.