Video of Screenwriting Workshop with Script Consultant Crit Killen

Script consultant Crit Killen gave an informative and entertaining screenwriting workshop, delivered in true #TheShowMustGoOn style when a microburst in Downtown Boise took out the power for the entirety of the workshop! Attendees learned how to structure their story within the DNA Story Helix and compared examples from films we all love to the process! Watch the recap video below!

Video Credits: Filmed and edited by Christan Mawson

Crit Killen has consulted on too many scripts to count, but to give you an idea: Batman Begins, Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Wrestler, X-Men, The Lovely Bones, The Goonies, Unforgiven, Groundhog Day, The Matrix, The Notebook, Interstellar, Birdman, Moonrise Kingdom and Straight Outta Compton, just to scratch the surface. Crit is also known as a visual effects designer, creating elements for films such as Blade Runner, Titanic, Total Recall and Beetlejuice.

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