Meet Your Workshop Instructor: Don Shanks

Who is Don Shanks? We’re glad you asked! Don is not only an actor known for his roles as Michael Myers in Halloween V, The Hook in I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer and Nakoma in the TV series The Life and Times of Grizzley Adams, he is also a stunt man and stunt coordinator.

He’s performed stunts in projects such as Dumb and Dumber and Silent Night, Deadly Night and choreographed them in movies like High School Musical 2,3 and many more!

In our Stunts workshop, Don will be teaching you what you should know as an actor or filmmaker to create amazing stunts and fight sequences all while doing them safely. Throwing punches, taking falls, jumps and more.

After going through the principals, you’ll get to participate in the choreographing of a fight scene that will be used in an upcoming feature film!

Filmmakers, if you’re making an action movie, bring your questions!

Fun fact about Don: Over the years working in horror films, he’s had to come up with some creative and safe ways to pull off deadly stunts. Ask him about them!

To see Don’s full credits, you can go to his IMDb page here.

Don’s Stunt workshop is September 24th 2019 at Kaia Fit Boise from 5-9PM

To sign up, click here!