"10 Steps of Filmmaking"


Like everyone else in our community, nation, and the world, we look forward to a time when we are able to work, play, and commune together in a more normal and healthy fashion. Until such time Cinecorps encourages everyone to be diligent and educated about the current Coronavirus / Covid-19 situation. Two important resources are the US Government website and the Center For Disease Control website. 

During this time of social distancing and potential quarantine situations, we have been doing our best to come up with ways to alleviate some of the isolation anxiety and to come up with creative ways to help utilize time many of us now have on our hands. 

One such idea is being facilitated by Cinecorps Marketing Director and filmmaker, Kody Newton of Newton To Newton Productions. Starting today, Wednesday March 18, Kody will be livestreaming his filmmaking method on both Cinecorps’ and Newton To Newton’s Facebook pages. From story concept to post-production, Kody will share his workflow, gear used and, most useful, thoughts behind his successful film and video production projects. These 30 minute to one hour weekly sessions will happen every Wednesday at noon until a finished film is produced. All are welcome to watch, participate and to ask questions in real time. Afterwards we will share each weekly lesson as a resource on both our YouTube channel and Newton To Newton. 

Kody has written and produced a number of award winning films and is fast becoming one of the Treasure Valley’s most prolific and accessible cinematographers. Here is a description of his 10 Step Filmmaking Method: 

Join me online at my "10 steps of filmmaking" course as I teach kids how to make their own movies while making a movie of our own. 

Here is the list of steps: -Finding a Story -Writing a Screenplay -Camera Essentials -Camera movement and Storytelling -Sound essentials -Lighting essentials and creativity -Acting and blocking -Editing -Color Correction and audio mixing -Music as the soul of your film.

Join along on our Facebook page at Newton to Newton Productions or Cinecorps so you can comment or ask questions throughout or just comment as we will answer them after the fact. Either way, grab a pen and paper and learn how to make a movie with us!” - Kody Newton / Filmmaker