Founded in 2019, CineCorps resides under the umbrella of the Boise Film Foundation, a 501c3 non profit organization in Idaho. The program serves youth from Idaho and beyond. Our goal is to pair aspiring filmmakers with industry professionals in mentor-like relationships, in order to foster a new age in the film community of Idaho.

In addition to many year round workshops, and programs, CineCorps is known for it's unique approach to education by placing youth on real world feature film sets each summer, working along side well known filmmakers, crew, and talent.

"To provide a youth filmmaking activity with positive educational experiences that promote the growth and development of professional workforce skills and leadership qualities needed to advance our community into the motion picture industry"


As most pros will tell you, the best way to learn how to make movies, is to get on a movie set and work. This concept kills two birds with one stone. It forms a basis for sustained film funding through the program, and trains young people by pairing them in real world, on set mentor-ships with professionals that we bring in from the motion picture industry.

Our logo honors one of earliest moving pictures. Created by English photographer, Eadweard Muybridge, to settle a bet between businessman Leland Stanford in 1878.


Stanford contended that at some point in a horse's stride, all four hooves were off the ground.  Muybridge took photographs of the positions of a horse's hooves in rapid succession. Muybridge's 12 pictures showed that Stanford had won the bet. 

This experiment resulted in the zoogyroscope - a sequential photo projector. 

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